Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Alright - I decided that I'm going to combine my Triathlon Blog and my Weight Loss Blog into one.

I'm calling it "Tri-ing to Lose"  and you can find it here:  http://shawn-nawlb.blogspot.com/

PS:  NAWLB = "Not Another Weight Loss Blog!"  which is kind of how I feel - lol

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 - kicked my ***

So here's the deal...

2010 wasn't so great a year for me.  I lost focus, stopped training and gained back some of the weight I had lost in 2009.

On the flip side I did get some things accomplished.  I moved, I got a new less stressful, better jobs AND in the past few months I've started going back to the gym.

I feel like I've regained focus and that I'm on track to get back to being an athlete again!

That being said, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this blog.  It started as a way to chronicle my training as I went through Team in Training for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.   Then, as I found I liked doing Tris, and wanted to continue doing them, I kept posting to this blog about my Tri tribulations.

However, this was only a small window of the 'big picture' of my 'athletic life' and I actually had an older blog that I was maintaining that had years and years of my weight/training struggles posted to it. I found myself struggling to decide what to post to that blog and what to post to this one.  I didn't want them to be mirrors of each other, and was trying to keep information that was related to the 'subject' of the blog on each blog.

As you might guess, with two subjects so closely intertwined, it got difficult and as my motivation fell, so did my posts.

Now I'm left with a quandary.  As I start to ramp back up in both endeavorers, getting fit and losing weight what do I do with these blogs?  Do I continue them, but keep them separate?  Do I retire one or the other of them?  Or, do I close them both and start a third blog with the focus being my entire 'fitness' journey.

Given that my posting has been so sporatic that neither of these blogs get much of a 'visit' I think the third option might just be a good idea and a great 'clean slate' for 2011.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Last night after posting my workouts I came to a realization.  I'm ignoring my strengths to focus on my weakness.

While on some level this might seem like the right thing to do, but on another... it seems a little backwards;  especially in triathlons.

Let me explain.  I'm a good swimmer.  Maybe even a little better then average.  The fact that I can go out and complete a 1/2 mile open water swim after not touching the water for eight months, and still manage to stay in the upper/middle of the pack, I believe, speaks to my swimming aptitude.  Because swimming is so easy for me, I've been completely ignoring it in my training.

Then last night I realized, that if I took a little extra time and actually focused just a little on my swimming, I could probably really kill the swim portion of the tri and give myself some additional breathing room when it came to the run.  By ignoring my strongest event I was losing out on a chance of making my weakest event less of a handicap.

So, I'm reworking my schedule to add in more swim workouts and committing myself to stop skipping them.

Maybe with a little work I can (as my husband put it)  catch 5 waves :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week One - Check

Week one of thirteen is in the books - managed to put in all my training except the one swim I had planned. I'm ok with that. Three runs and two bikes for a total of 56 miles for the week is a pretty big accomplishment.  and, I logged 5:46 in training time.

First day was a strength workout that included 'hill bounding'. Only there are no hills in Alameda - so I modified my workout to 'stair bounding'.

After a 15 minute warm-up run I did 8 sprints of the stairs, with a 10 second sprint after reaching the top. Then it was a recovery jog back to the bottom of the stairs to do it. It was a short, but intense workout. What was funny was that while I was pooped after doing the stairs, after a short recovery, I was hardly felt like I had run at all and was feeling like I should do more! That's a good sign that I'm starting out on the right foot.  2 miles for 26 minutes

Day two was hill repeats on the bike. We've already established that there are no hills worth speaking of here in Alameda, so I do simulated hills on the trainer... In some ways I think training on the trainer is harder because there's no coasting it's 35 minutes of spin spin spin... 2 minutes of hills with 3 minute recovery 5 times  8 miles for 35 minutes

So, Thursdays are going to be my 'hard' run day. I know, it sounds strange for a 2 mile run to be hard, but I have have a goal of doing the Bridge to Bridge 12K at a 11 min/mile pace. So, thursday is when I'm training at this pace and for me, right now, 2 miles at 11 min/mile is HARD! Hopefully this'll get easier as training goes on.

For the actual 2 miles of my run (the .4 was warm-up) I managed to average 11:16 min/mile. A little above goal, but I'll be doing this same run next week and maybe I'll be able hit that 11 then.  2.4 miles and 28 minutes

Saturday I decided to ride with the Oakland Yellow Jackets.  This ended up being my longest ride to date. I was really happy with how the ride went - enjoyed the team, and the ride itself was fantastic. Just enough of a challenge on the hills without being overwhelming. The pace was perfect for the distance because I ended feeling I could still go more. AND I didn't fall once!  41 miles 3 hours 45 minutes of training logged.

Today was my last workout of the week -- Hooray!

I was so tired today, my legs just didn't want to move! even after 10 minutes of warming up I didn't feel warmed up and when it came time to put on the gas just a little bit - the engine just didn't want to go. Still, I made it through even when I wanted to quit! and managed to log the final 2.8 miles in 34 minutes.

I am calling this week a complete success.

For next week the plan is:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Leg/Abs and running hill repeats (Might stay and run in SF for this one)
Wednesday - Chest/Biceps and biking hill repeats (Probably on the trainer)
Thursday - Back/Traps and 3 mile run for pace
Friday - Shoulders/Triceps
Saturday - Endurance Bike - (probably try to catch up with the yellow jackets again)
Sunday - Run 45 minutes Fartlek and 1500y swim

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oli Training starts

Start of a new training cycle.  Planning on doing an Olympic Tri in October and that's the focus now, although I have a few fun races I plan to do along the way, including the Bridge to Bridge.  I also plan on doing a intense resistance training program, mostly because I like and enjoy lifting weights, and it's nice to spend time doing something I'm good at :D

This week's schedule

Tuesday:  Run - Hill Bounding
Wednesday:  Bike - Tempo Hill Climbs
Thursday - Run - 2 miles goal pace
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Bike - 20 miles steady
Sunday - Run - Fartlek  and Swim - 1500 Yards

Yes - my training is going to be run heavy - it's really what I need the most help with so I've decided to add an extra run day in there.

Next race is the third try at the tri for fun in Sacramento on August 8th.  Hopefully I'll be able to break the 2 hour mark this time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Took some time to recover this past week.

I did my markerset/TT run on Tuesday and my Markerset/TT on the trainer on Wednesday.  Thursday, I was having a really bad day, so I ended up just going for a walk with the dog.  Friday and Saturday I rested and recovered and then Sunday I joined up with Team Alameda to see what it was like to do a group ride with them.  Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.  Fantastic group of people, and a great ride through areas I hadn't been before and where I probably wouldn't have gone by myself.  I think we ended up riding about three hours.  Hit a few challenging (for me) hills and overall just had a fantastic day.  The only bad parts were 1) my bike 'ghost shifting' in my low (climbing) gears and thus making the climbs 10 times harder then they had to be, and 2) getting caught in my clips and majorly biting the back of one of my legs with the opposite petal.  

BUT, there was one positive to all of that.  When one of the other riders took my bike for a spin to see if he had fixed my ghost shifting problem... HE nearly wrecked because he couldn't unclip.  All this time I thought I was just dorky and uncoordinated and part of the problem was that my clips were too tight!  He adjusted them for me and I have to say, I'm 100% more confident when coming to a stop that I can get out of my clips and not fall over!

The goals for this week are:

1) get in some quality weight training
2) spend some time doing yoga (trying to solve a tightness issue in my back)
3) clean up the nutrition!
4) Train

The training plan is:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Tempo run
Wednesday - Tempo swim/Tempo Bike
Thursday - Speed work (run)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Bike/Run Race Sim Brick
Sunday - Open water swim

I'm finally starting to feel a little fire in my belly again - it's good to be back!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lose It! Weekly Summary for Week of Mon, May 31st


Weekly Summary for Week of Mon, May 31st

for Shawn Mueller-Boddy

Daily Summary
Budget Food Exercise Net +/- Weight (lbs)
6/2/10 1,333 0 0 0 -1,333 207.4
6/4/10 1,333 0 0 0 -1,333 207.4
6/5/10 1,357 3,343 1,810 1,533 176 211.1
6/6/10 1,357 1,334 0 1,334 -23 211.1
153 calories over budget for the week
Gained 3.7 pounds this week
Nutrient Summary % Calories
Fat 203g 40.3%
   Saturated Fat 62g
Protein 259g 22.8%
Carbohydrates 420g 37%
   Sugars 129g
   Fiber 29g
Exercise Summary Calories
Running 45 Min 528
Bicycling 1 Hour 5 Min 980
Swimming 20 Min 302
Total 1810
Report generated by Lose It!. For more information or to sign up for your free Lose It! account, please visit http://www.loseit.com